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SINCE 1986.

An innovative and efficient organization, a large space where the company becomes a meeting place with the customers to always choose the best products and have the confirmation that quality prevails over everything. Our effective organization allows a rational and rapid management of orders and a timely delivery that wins the trust of customers and together with the high quality of the product is the main propulsion for our continuous commercial growth.



A natural combination of experience, passion and ambition for a sustainable effort which valorize to traditions, through the new technologies and respect for next generations.

An innovative and efficient organization, a large space where the enterprise becomes a meeting point with clients to choose always the best products and to confirm that the quality prevails over all.



Eurofish Napoli: the mission is in the name! The result of years of family experience , the company was founded in 1986 in Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, historic home of the Fish Market in Naples.

In short time the company was placed in all the fish markets of its region with its own stores, becoming a reference either for fishermen and clients of the whole region, thanks to the widespread presence and the strength distribution. During the years, accurate human resources trainings create a motivated and selected team, where people are always ready to follow needs of clients and anticipate of the market evolution.

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